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Lot of 9 Used Coffee Bean Burlap Bags - Burlap Coffee Bags - Coffee bean sack - organic recyclin

Image of Lot of 9 Used Coffee Bean Burlap Bags - Burlap Coffee Bags - Coffee bean sack - organic recyclin
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Lot of 9 Coffee Bags

Material: Burlap
Size may vary depending on our current stock.
Approximately 27" x 40"

Please note that these bags are authentic used burlap sacks. They may have dirt, beans, stains, holes, and odors associated with their former use for coffee)

Bags are selected at random and orders may consist of all of the same print or a variety of prints, or different prints than shown. We will always try to give a variety but is not guaranteed.

Authentic burlap coffee bags, marked with the country of origin. These bags have been used to store and transport real coffee beans, so they have a distressed appearance and rich coffee smell. Fantastic for d├ęcor or craft projects that call for a rustic or global look. Bags are printed in several styles, with different prints arriving all the time, therefore, styles are not selectable and may vary from the image shown.

* Lot of 8 Used Coffee Bean bags
* Sizes vary around 40"x25" to approximately 33"x28"
* and are a mixture of side cut and top cut bags
* Lots more styles available, can only fit 5 pictures

Great for:

* sewing projects/Arts and crafts ----> Make bags, purses, pillows, furniture etc..
* Sack races
* Shipping and storing metal parts and hardware.
* Gardening
* Compost
* weed block
* garden pathways
* sheet mulching
* wind protection around tender shrubs in winter
* Keep the weeds down in garden paths
* Hold in moisture as a mulch for your rows
* Easily absorbs moisture, oil, and grease while allowing airflow.
* Very rugged exterior

* These are all used by local coffee companies and come from all over the world.

* Shipped from Northern Vermont

Locations vary as well including:
* Brazil (Brasil)
* Cuba
* Indonesia
* Peru
* Uganda
* Mexico
* Columbia
* Vietnam
* New York (import)
* Germany (Import)
and more

* can buy individually or in bundles, we have thousands on hand
* We have the ability to direct ship pallets